Stakeholder Engagement

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Role of our advice network

To help inform INSIGHT_E’s programme of work, energy experts from academia, industry and NGOs are consulted to help design, draft and review the think tank’s research studies. The stakeholders included in these consultations form INSIGHT_E’s European Policy Advice Network (EPAN)

Means of engagement

Interaction occurs with stakeholders through questionnaires, interviews, interactive discussions, and webinars. In addition, INSIGHT_ E provides a variety of forums for stakeholders to present their own research on policy and technology options for Europe’s transition to sustainable and efficient means of energy consumption and production. In addition, it is the aim of the think tank to provide channels for stakeholders to provide input and feedback into the think tank's programme of work and research agenda.

Joining our network

If you have expertise on energy topics and are interested in contributing to our activities, please get in touch with us.

Upcoming Projects

Check this space for updates on upcoming activities

Past Projects

Insight_E has undertaken a number of stakeholder consultations to feed into the think tank´s robust research mandate. A number of in person and online consultations have been conducted since the INSIGHT_E project began in early 2014.

In addition, at the beginning of the project a targeted online questionairre was conducted with over 100 associates in the European energy sector. The purpose of the consultation was to take stock of stakeholders' priorities and perspectives on European energy issues and policies. The results of the questionnaire has helped the Insight_E consortium design research studies on topics that are of high interest to both the European Commission and its network of energy stakeholders.